Shri Sanjay Kumar
Director ( Dairy Development)

In spite of many challenges and inequities related to animal husbandry support and trust, Uttarakhand state is growing continuously in milk production as compared to other Himalayan states, and is on the move constantly in this area. The Dairy Development department of Uttarakhand is the department which works to promote the dairy activities in the state. The main objective of this department is to devloped the system to operate the demand and production of the milk in the state. Schemes under State and Central Government like IDDP, RKVY,NPDD etc are being implemented by organization for the economic and social up-liftment of farmers. Other schemes like Big Dairy, Mini Dairy, Women Dairy Development Programme  etc. are also being successfully conducted. With the help of its own cattle feed factory, organization provide cattle feed, fodder and seeds to its associate co-operative members at reasonable price. Animal medical facilities like animal health services, emergency veterinary services, Artificial Insemination, Natural Conception, Vaccination, Deworming, animal feeding knowledge, veterinary medicines, and other types of technological investments are being served at village level societies with help of organization’s member milk unions within the state.